Horse Back Riding, it’s why you’re here.But ….. here’s a question to ask yourself, why am I searching for information about horseback riding?

  1. I don’t want cats or dogs in my house, they are dirty.
  2. I like my car, house and surroundings clean.
  3. I’ve never been interested in horses.
  4. I don’t like mud, manure or flys.
  5. Barns are dirty.
  6. I have allergies.

Do any of these statements apply to you?

If so then first you must realize you are not alone.

Let’s try to figure out what brought you here.

  1. Your Child
  2. Your Child
  3. Your Child

Let me know when I’m getting close.

So let’s determine what YOU are looking for.

How do I find a barn to ride at? How do I evaluate the instructor? The horses? What style of riding should we learn?  Where? What? Why? and on and on!

So many questions.

But its ok. We have time to answer all those questions and more!

If you are here because your child is obsessed with horses and you want to see what the big deal is, then you clicked on the correct site, and I’m here to help.

My name is Alan Deacon. And if you made a decision to start a journey into the world horses, I want to help you.

Why listen to me?

I have owned and run an active lesson barn with more than 40 horses for over 27 years. We currently do around 59 lessons per week.

We have new people starting on a monthly basis with all the same questions you have.

Here’s what I recommend:

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  • Open the emails you receive to become further educated.
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  • Surf my blog for real life actionable information.

All in all, I’m so glad you decided to visit my blog. This is the start of a great journey (and friendship).

Please feel free to engage with me through my content and on social media.

Let’s grow . . . together