Ariat Paddock Boots For Riding

Ariat paddock boots

This ladies Ariat Extreme paddock boot is the zippered version

Ariat paddock boots for riding are THE favorite of many riders at my farm.

Now, I know every barn has different ways of doing things. The first thing that I tell our new riders at Spruce Meadow Farm is to wear a smile.

Once their smile is firmly in place I tell them they will need a shoe or a boot with a small heel. This is a safety measure to help to keep their foot from sliding through the stirrup.

If your foot were to slip all the way through your stirrup, and you happened to fall, you would probably break your ankle. You could also possibly be dragged.

Fortunately, I have never personally seen this happen but I would think that, in this instance, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Ariat paddock boots are beautifully formed for fit in the stirrup and rugged for wear around the barn.

I can guarantee you that once you get on a horse you are going to come off, one way or another. My wish for you is that getting off your horse is always a planned event!

Horseback riding is a lifelong activity that is extremely rewarding and has numerous benefits; physical, mental and emotional.

As with any sport you want to have the right tools for the job. In baseball you want a glove, hockey requires ice skates, and when you mount a horse you want to have the safest equipment available.

There are many different types and brands of horse riding boots to choose from.

Ariat Paddock Boots for riding

The Ariat Extreme comes as a lace up or zippered paddock boot

In this post I am going to discuss paddock boots. My wife’s favorite is the Ariat Extreme paddock boot.

Ariat boots are extremely comfortable and durable. Karla says that not only are they very comfortable to ride in, but she likes to wear them around the barn for all of her chores and activities.

In fact, she sometimes even wears them out to the store and while running  errands!

Ariats are a bit pricier than some other brands of boots, but their comfort, durability and quality make them an excellent choice. Even with wearing them daily, in rain, snow, mud and manure my wife’s Ariat paddock boots last her three to four years.

After that they get “retired” to her tack trunk to fill the role of “spare boots” should she be in the barn in her sneakers and suddenly want to ride!

We live in Buffalo, New York so she always buys the winter paddock boots. She wear them year round, both winter and summer. Her feet don’t feel overly warm with them in the summer so she wears them year-round.

They come in zipper or lace boots. Karla prefers the zippers. She says it’s because she’s lazy and  lacing takes too long! She prefers to step in, zip up and go!

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