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Horse Games For Family Night

Horse Games Come in Quite a Few Varieties

There are free internet horse games you can play on your computer.

They are also solo affairs and easy to find. It’s not my intention to discuss these types of horse games here.

I would like to promote board games. Mostly because I believe they provide an excellent way to interact together and learn life skills.

I am writing about horse games because, well, this is a site about horses.

Our society as a whole is spending too much time staring at screens.

We Spend Too Much Time Staring at Screens

Xbox and the Wii are tons of fun. However, with these games, the focus is not on each other.

When a family or group plays a board game they learn a lot more about the people they’re playing with.

horse games

Family playing horse game

Most board games will allow different ages and skill levels to play against each other.  This allows parents and children to interact together.

Playing games with a deck of cards or by rolling dice leave the end result open to chance.  Strategy is involved but even a first timer can win.

A lot of children today have learned to get what they want when they want it. When they play a board game with a group they will learn that they cannot win all the time.

Learning how to lose gracefully at an early age can help them throughout their life.  Dealing with winning introduces many other delightful feelings and emotions.

In my post horse games for girls you’ll find several different types of games including role-playing with action figures.

So instead of immersing everyone in the family in their own separate activity, such as chat rooms, Pinterest, Game Boy or even watching a movie together, try a board game.

Instituting family game night can open up communication. Instead of grunts and monosyllabic answers you might be able find out how each others day went.

horse games for families

Family Game Night

There are numerous classic board games to play.  I hope you will encourage your child’s interest in learning about these beautiful animals by trying horse games!

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Lunging a Horse Can Be Beneficial

Lunge Line

Lunge Line

Lunging a horse can be a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I am certainly not an expert and I will not pretend to tell you how to do it. Just a few points on why.

I have had the good fortune in my life to have owned a horse farm with over 40 horses currently, since 1989.

I have lunged a lot of horses over the years. Mostly thoroughbreds because they tend to be fairly high strung with a lot of energy.

When we would go to a horse show we would try to settle them down by lunging a horse the morning of the show.

We would also lunge horses before we started to ride them or use them in lessons to help calm them down and take some of the energy out of them.

There are many reasons to lunge a horse. Not only does it help you to take the excess energy out of them but you can use it for training.  I remember putting the horses through their work.

I would have them slowly walk around and then encourage them to trot with my voice and by clucking . I believe it’s something you want to set aside a good half-hour for.

I would always lunge them with a halter on and put the halter over the bridle if necessary. If they were fully tacked up I would make sure the stirrups weren’t flapping or other things weren’t dragging on the ground.

Lunging a Horse

Why Lunge a Horse

I am a big guy 6’3” + 230 lbs so I generally didn’t have to worry about the horses running away with me.  I would always move my feet and not spin around so as not to get too dizzy.

There definitely is a right and wrong way to lunge a horse so be sure to get proper training.

As they are going around you can also tell if they might have an injury by watching their gaits and their head movement.

Feel free to view and comment on any of the videos that I post, including lunging a horse.

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Lead Horse with Bridle

Learning to lead horse with bridle is not a lot different than leading them with thier  lead line.

Learning this isn’t real copllicated. There are several things to know before you begin.

Let’s keep you and your horse safe!!!

Stand next to him with your right hand holding on to the bridle close to his chin.  Keep in mind that he does have a bit in his mouth.

Although this hardware technically doesn’t interfere or cause them any discomfort, you want to proceed carefully.  The rest of the bridles reigns will be held by your left hand.

It’s imperative that you do not let anything drag on the ground or allow their front legs to get tangled up in the reins.

Almost every lesson horse knows what the next process will be.  They understand they are going to go to the riding ring and show you how to begin riding.

Stay observant, and aware, no matter what the  conditions are.  I’ve seen horses spook at debris blowing around in the wind. They also can spook at their own shadow.

At this point you can gently cluck and begin walking in the direction that you are going. Don’t forget to have your helmet on.

Even though the horse is tacked up and ready to begin teaching, anything can happen and usually does. Having a helmet on will give you some security

As you walk forward be very observant and make sure there is nothing in the way that you are going.

At this stage of the game your destination is the mounting block. Once you have arrived you can begin the process of mounting up.


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