Blankets, How and What

Please read my post Horse Blankets For Newbies .

That post is a beginners introduction to my personal experience with horse blankets.

Let me spend a little bit of time sharing How.

First let me help you take a blanket off.

Warning, don’t do this alone your first time.

Have your trainer show you, then watch you, until you are confident.

Once you have your horse standing securely on cross ties undo his surcingles.

Tuffrider Fly Sheet

Tuffrider Fly Sheet

A blanket usually has two. Let them hang. Check his back side to make sure nothing is wrapped around the tail.

Now go to his front and look at his chest. There should be one or two buckles that need to be removed.

Once these are loose you can now remove the blanket.

Stand on the side, spread out your arms, grab the front and as far back as you can and lift the blanket off.

As you slowly pull the blanket off, slide it towards the rear of the horse. When doing this make sure nothing is pulling or caught on the horse.

You can then fold it, hang it up or place it where it belongs. Sometimes the horse blankets will get placed on the aisle floor when removed.

If this is the practice at the barn you are riding at, make sure it is placed safely against wall. You don’t want to leave anything hanging in the way for horses or people to step on or trip over.

After a while you will soon learn about all the different blankets that are available. Some of them are listed below.

There is a winter blanket, a sheet, a cooler, anti-sweat. That is to just name a few.

Some horses have a turnout blanket. You can get sheets for horse shows.

Rambo Cooler

Rambo Cooler

They come with monograms and custom colors.

The choices you have are endless.

I will have further updates with more information on blankets in further posts.

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