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Horse Riding Boots For Everyday And Show

horse riding boots

Wearing well fitting, comfortable boots will help improve your riding

Horse riding boots, riding boots, tall boots, dress boots, field boots, leather boots, rubber boots,paddock boots. Stop the merry go round I need to get off!

There are so many choices and styles. Some with different purposes.

I hope this reference guide can help you decide what choices you should make.

Tall horse riding boots made with leather are available in many different styles.

Quality tall leather riding boots are considered the most prestigious type of boot because of their classic look and hefty price tag.

There are many advantages to leather boots beyond the appearance and you can get a good quality tall boot at a reasonable price.

My recommendation for an excellent quality, every  day tall riding boot is the Ariat Womens V Sport Tall Zip Tall Riding Boot.

Ariat boots are well made. comfortable, easy care and last a LONG time. What’s not to like?

tall horse riding boots

Ariat everyday tall boots

When you first try on horse riding boots they can seem hard, stiff and uncomfortable. There is usually a “break in” period.

Quality leather riding boots are naturally soft and in time, with extended use, will develop and mold into the shape of your foot and leg by softening behind the knee and in the ankle area.

These aren’t boots that you can just throw into a corner when finished riding. You need to maintain them properly or they will soon degenerate and look dirty, scuffed and start to fall apart.

Tall horse riding boots are preferred in horse shows, clinics and other competition.

horse riding boots

These Ariat Heritage Field Boots are both affordable and good looking!

Field boots are tall leather riding boots that have lacing at the ankle. I have a big wide foot that makes me a good swimmer, but makes it hard for me to get riding boots on.

I chose field boots because the lacing allowed me a little more room to get them on. People that compete in hunt seat, jumpers and cross country will wear these riding boots.  They have more flex in their ankle when they shorten their stirrups.

Ariat Womens Heritage Field Boots are reasonably priced and have the classic good looks of a much pricier boot.

Dress boots are similar to field boots except that the doesn’t have laces and tend to have a more elongated, sleeker look.  (I could never get my foot in them and I was afraid that once I did I could only get them off with scissors!)

Around my barn many of the riders have leather dress boots. They like this style especially for horse shows. Most dress boots, and even some field boots, now come with zippers for an “easy on – easy off” experience.

horse riiding boots

Lovely zipper dress boots

The Heritage Womens Tall Zip Dress Boot is another well made, reasonably priced boot from the Ariat line of footwear.

If dressage is your discipline then dress boots are a must for showing!

You can buy inserts or rollup newspapers Inside them to help them maintain their shape.

If you oil and wax them with quality products such as Hestra Leather Balm you will get many years out of your horse riding boots!


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Horse Riding Gear: What to Buy the First Year

horse riding gear

Boots, breeches, gloves and helmet are important              pieces of  riding gear.

What type of horse riding gear do you need when you are first starting out?

If you’re still riding after a month or so, you are probably going to stick with it.  Sometimes you participate because your friends are doing it. Maybe you just wanted to try it out.

To help you get started I am going to share some tips about what type of horse riding gear you should invest in.

It’s ok to splurge a little on some things, but don’t break the bank! Remember the difference between wants and needs.

The first piece of horse equipment that you should consider buying for yourself is a horse riding helmet. Go here to read my post about helmets.

We’ve also discussed what type of shoes and footwear that you should use in an earlier post. You can read more about them here.

Riding pants, in the horse world, are called breeches. They help to give you better feel and “stick” when in the saddle. For this reason they contribute to your safety!

Depending on the time of the year, you may want to consider purchasing Under Armour. You are involved in horse riding which is an athletic activity. You want your clothing to be comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

horse riding gear - glove

Heritage Performance Gloves

Riding gloves are something you should consider. I don’t know what climate you live in, but in Buffalo New York you can get pretty cold. The Heritage Performance gloves are a favorite at my barn.

My wife doesn’t like to ride when it gets below 20°F. Everyone has their own thermometer and over the years I’ve witnessed crazy horse people riding at 10°F and below.

Fancy leather riding gloves are often worn at horse shows, clinics or special events. Leather riding gloves give your show outfit a nice, finished looking appearance and help you keep the horse reins comfortably in your hands.

I liked to wear them for that reason. Also, I felt pretty cool when I had them on and they helped me get into the right frame of mind.

If you are buying riding gloves for your child you might want to try the Ovation Child’s Heart

horse riding gear - gloves

Children’s Riding Gloves


When the students would get together, after their birthday or holiday, they would enjoy showing off the gifts received.  When it came to equine boot socks it always seemed like the more colors the better!

horse riding gear - Equine Boot Socks

Equine Boot Socks

I know the students at the farm enjoyed getting horse riding gear, like gloves or socks, as a gift for Christmas, birthday or any time.

If you want to be a big hit with your favorite horse lover, for their next big occasion buy them some horse riding gear!

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Horse Riding Helmets Must Fit Correctly

Horse riding helmets should fit correctly. You need to protect your head – it’s the only one you’ve got! A wide variety of items can scare or spook a horse. I’ve seen them run away from a bag that is blowing in the breeze.

When they react to something different or new in their environment, you can never be sure what their reaction will be.

Wear a riding helmet and make sure that it fits correctly!

I’ve had ambulances at my farm several times over the years. I have seen horse riding helmets be the difference between a serious injury, to something that you can walk away from, or get right back on and ride again.

Charles Owen helmets aren’t the least expensive, but they are excellent quality at a decent price.

If you are not in an area where you can try on horse riding helmets then you need to measure your head. If you don’t have a cloth or flexible tape measure, you can use a string.

Measuring Horse Riding Helmets

Take the string or tape measure and wrap it around your head about 1.5 cm, or about 1/2 inch, above your eyebrows. Go around above the top of the ears encircling the fullest part of the head.

Assuming you used a string, lay it down next to a tape measure and get the measurement in centimeters. Once you have that you can use the table below to select the correct size for your head.

Head Measurement Hat size Skull Cap Size
49cm 6 000
50cm 6 1/8 000 1/2
51cm 6 1/4 00
52cm 6 3/8 00 1/2
53cm 6 1/2″ 0
54cm 6 5/8 0 1/2
55cm 6 3/4 1
56cm 6 7/8 1 1/2
57cm 7 2
58cm 7 1/8 2 1/2
69cm 7 1/4 3
60cm 7 3/8 3 1/2
61cm 7 1/2 4
62cm 7 5/8 4 1/2
63cm 7 3/4 5

The best way to see if a helmet fits, is try it on. When you do this, make sure you are standing comfortably erect.

Next, place a helmet on your head. When you push it down it should feel snug and the straps on the inside should come to the top of your head.

Have someone stand alongside of you and have them gently rock the helmet back and forth.

You want a horse riding helmet to move only slightly, causing your eyebrows to move up and down. Make sure the helmet isn’t so tight that it hurts you.

You’ll want to move your head around and make sure that it stays in place and that all the straps fit snugly.

The Troxel Liberty Schooling Helmet is a less costly alternative to some of the more expensive horse riding helmets. It has an attractive profile and is available in a variety of colors. We use Troxel helmets extensively in the lesson program at my farm.

Riding Helmet Damage

If you fall off and hit your head with a helmet on you should replace it. Even though it doesn’t appear to be broken, something may have happened to the inside, rendering it unable to protect you.

You also need to replace it every three years or so, as the padding on the inside can become compressed, as well as the sun or other elements wear on the plastic. this compromises the strength and safety of your horse riding helmet.

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