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Horse Bath: Step By Step

Once you’re finished reading my first post about bathing a horse, it’s time for the actual horse bath to begin.

Depending on the horse, you may need an assistant. If this is your first time giving a horse bath, do not do it alone.

A horse bath does not necessarily involve shampooing your horse. You may simply want to hose off sweat after a ride on a hot day, or mud that your horse rolled in during turnout.

Familiarize yourself with your bathing area. Make sure everything that you need is in place, or at least where you can reach it.

Check to see that the water is working properly. I spray the hose towards the ground first to make sure  it’s turned on and working.

It is helpful if you have someone to hold your horse while you hose and shampoo. Sometimes there is a wash stall or horse bath area with cross-ties.

I always start bathing a horse by hosing the feet and lower legs. This gives the horse an opportunity to get used to the spraying and the water temperature before you begin hosing their body.

Even though a horse is a large animal, you will want to use a medium pressure spray. Neither too hard or too light.

Always be careful around your horse’s head. Some horses like their face sprayed, and with others you may only be able to use a sponge.

Another area you want to be careful with is your horse’s back, particularly if you don’t have access to warm water. The back, in particular the kidney area, can be very sensitive. Also take care when hosing between the back legs.

If you are giving a complete horse bath, once your horse is thoroughly rinsed down you can begin shampooing. There are bathing gloves you can wear that help massage your horse and loosen dirt while you are working in the shampoo.

I most often choose to use a large sponge for bathing a horse.

I begin by putting some shampoo in a bucket and then filling the bucket about a quarter of the way by spraying medium to high pressure into the bucket.

This creates a bunch of sudsy lather to dip your sponge or bathing glove into to gather up shampoo to begin cleaning.

Put the soap on your horse and lather him up well.  While you’re rubbing him over pay attention to any spots that might be sore or sensitive.

bathing a horse - shampoo

                        Good old Quic Silver

If you’re blessed to have a white horse, as I was, you will find they are good at laying in their manure. You may have to buy stock in the Quic Silver company!

Quic Silver is a whitening shampoo that works well for light colored horses, light tails and white markings.

If you are going to use a conditioner, now is the time to apply it.

Once you are done shampooing and conditioning, and have rinsed all of the soap off of your horse, you need to remove as much water as you can with your scraper.

Horse Bath Sweat Scrapers

Sweat Scrapers

Now your horse should be ready to go out and graze in the grass or go back to his stall to relax. It is always nice to take him for a walk and let him dry off in the sun after a good horse bath!


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Horse Riding Gear: What to Buy the First Year

horse riding gear

Boots, breeches, gloves and helmet are important              pieces of  riding gear.

What type of horse riding gear do you need when you are first starting out?

If you’re still riding after a month or so, you are probably going to stick with it.  Sometimes you participate because your friends are doing it. Maybe you just wanted to try it out.

To help you get started I am going to share some tips about what type of horse riding gear you should invest in.

It’s ok to splurge a little on some things, but don’t break the bank! Remember the difference between wants and needs.

The first piece of horse equipment that you should consider buying for yourself is a horse riding helmet. Go here to read my post about helmets.

We’ve also discussed what type of shoes and footwear that you should use in an earlier post. You can read more about them here.

Riding pants, in the horse world, are called breeches. They help to give you better feel and “stick” when in the saddle. For this reason they contribute to your safety!

Depending on the time of the year, you may want to consider purchasing Under Armour. You are involved in horse riding which is an athletic activity. You want your clothing to be comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

horse riding gear - glove

Heritage Performance Gloves

Riding gloves are something you should consider. I don’t know what climate you live in, but in Buffalo New York you can get pretty cold. The Heritage Performance gloves are a favorite at my barn.

My wife doesn’t like to ride when it gets below 20°F. Everyone has their own thermometer and over the years I’ve witnessed crazy horse people riding at 10°F and below.

Fancy leather riding gloves are often worn at horse shows, clinics or special events. Leather riding gloves give your show outfit a nice, finished looking appearance and help you keep the horse reins comfortably in your hands.

I liked to wear them for that reason. Also, I felt pretty cool when I had them on and they helped me get into the right frame of mind.

If you are buying riding gloves for your child you might want to try the Ovation Child’s Heart

horse riding gear - gloves

Children’s Riding Gloves


When the students would get together, after their birthday or holiday, they would enjoy showing off the gifts received.  When it came to equine boot socks it always seemed like the more colors the better!

horse riding gear - Equine Boot Socks

Equine Boot Socks

I know the students at the farm enjoyed getting horse riding gear, like gloves or socks, as a gift for Christmas, birthday or any time.

If you want to be a big hit with your favorite horse lover, for their next big occasion buy them some horse riding gear!

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“Must Have” Horse Grooming Tools

Types of Horse Grooming Tools

Having the right type of horse grooming tools is as important to properly cleaning your horse as a hammer and nails are to building a house!

One way to gather together the right tools is by purchasing a grooming kit that contains all of the necessary horse grooming tools.

If you choose to go this route you will not have to purchase all of the items separately. It is definitely the simplest, and probably most cost effective, way to go.

Horse Grooming Kits

I really like the Weaver Leather Horse Grooming Kit. It’s perfect for beginners and seasoned horse owners alike.

One of the reasons I love purchasing a complete grooming kit is because it comes in a tote. This helps me stay organized by keeping all my horse grooming tools in one spot. I can just grab it and go!

However, regular size brushes can be a challenge for little hands. If you have a small child you might want to get them a kit that has horse grooming tools that are sized to be easy for them to handle.

I really like this cute, cost effective Weaver Youth Horse Grooming Kit. It’s also a favorite of the kids at my barn.

Everything is kept in a clear plastic drawstring bag. The bag makes for easy carrying andChildren'sHorseGroomingKit organization.

The kit comes in two color choices and is decorated with a glitter and heart theme. It Includes a body brush, face brush, hoof pick, curry comb, mane comb and sponge.

It is rated 5 out of 5 stars and is sure to be VERY popular with your young equestrian as well! Another plus is the great price. This kit is under $20

Hoof Pick With Brush

Although these grooming kits are generally all inclusive there are a couple of other items I like to have on hand and find myself using them almost every day.

One of them is a hoof pick with a brush on the end. I find this tool very useful.

When I am finished picking out the hoof I like to give a final brush-out so that I can do a quick visual check of the bottom of my horses’ hoof.

I like the grip (and the price!) of this Intrepid Hoof Pick. When I have a choice of hoof picks I always choose one with a brush! Besides brushing out the bottom of the hoof I can also use it for brushing mud off the hoof wall.

Rubber Grooming Mitt

Another tool that I love is the rubber grooming mitt.  I like to have it on hand and it helps me feel like I am massaging my horse.

This experience helps me feel closer to my horse and I find it a “softer, gentler” way of currying horses with more sensitive skin. It’s also handy to use for massaging in shampoo when you are giving a bath.

If anyone has other items they don’t like to do without, please share them below…we all like to find new things to add to our collection of horse grooming tools!



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