Horse Halters and Leads

My goal is to have horse halters and leads on every stall in my barn. I own an active horse farm with over 40 horses and we do about 60 lessons a week.

The main reason is safety. If you have to get the horse out of the barn in a hurry for an emergency, halters and leads are very important.

Not to mention the fact that the first thing you need when you want to deal with the horse in its’ stall is a halter. Keeping horse halters and leads on the stalls is a constant battle.

When I finally come up with the perfect plan for accomplishing this I will let you know. Until then I’ll just shake my head in constant disbelief….it’s like they grow legs and walk away!

One of the first things I see a new student purchase for the horse they are in love with, and it doesn’t have to be a horse that they own, is a halter.

Make sure to get a halter that fits your horse well. They generally come in sizes like foal, yearling, pony, cob, horse,etc.

At our farm the halter is one of the first ways that you learn how to control your horse. Taking them out of the stall, leading them down the aisle, and putting them on cross ties in order to begin grooming.

We make sure that all the horse halters at our barn are “breakaways.” This means that they have a breakaway strap made of leather that goes over their head behind the ears or a leather fuse just under the buckle.

The Perris horse halter shown here is pretty and very durable. We have several Perris halters at our farm, they are my wifes’ favorite brand.

If the leather crown piece of your halter ever breaks (which it is designed to do if your horse gets caught on something) it is easily replaced.

It is best to get halters that snap at the cheek. This is MUCH easier than fastening the halter by the strap that goes over the horses’ head!

I also recommend buying a halter with an adjustable nose band. It helps make a better fit.

Horse leads are used to guide and control your horse, much as a dog leash, but these dogs can weigh over 1000 pounds!

Leads are made in a wide variety of materials. For every day use we prefer soft woven horse leads with a big brass snap.

Most of the horse lovers I know buy a lead to match the horses’ halter!

We also have a couple of leads that are nylon and have a 24 inch chain and a snap on the end that attaches to the halter. These leads are used for horses that can be more difficult to handle and should only be used by an experienced horse person, as they can cause damage to the horse if not used properly.

Leather horse leads are used in halter and showmanship classes and are often used at shows because of their nice appearance.

When you’re leading or grazing your horse, don’t ever let the lead shank drag on the ground because if the horse steps on it he could freak out. You and/or your horse can be injured this way.

Once again, this is my opinion and experience on horse leads. Your barn may have its own standards, so it’s important for you to ask and take their opinion.

Hopefully you will have a fun time accessorizing and choosing the color(s) of your horse halters and leads! 🙂


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