Horse Riding Games

Horse Riding Games Are Fun to Win  

Horse Riding Games

Horse Riding Games

Sit a Buck

Horse Riding Games are something we have been doing at Spruce Meadow Farm every year since we began in1989.

I remember back in the early ’90s when we played the game ‘sit a buck’ on horseback.

We had over 10 people entered in the contest.

This game doesn’t have to be complicated

Everybody sits on their horse with a dollar bill between their thigh and the horse. If you’re more confident ride bareback, or saddle up if you prefer.

Have everybody stand in the ring on the rail in a loose circle. Make sure there is plenty of space between the  riders.

An announcer is usually placed in the center of the ring. You should provide a few spotters watching for money falling.

The announcer will start everybody off just like a walk trot class at a horse show. As the dollar bills fall from the rider, the spotter will pick it up and the person who’s dollar fell is eliminated. 

A posting trot is one of the hardest movements to hold on to the buck

This is a game we have played quite a few times at the farm over the years. It has always been a memorable event.

Trail Class

The trail class is enjoyable and it will show a person’s competence on a horse.

When setting up a trail class make sure you keep in mind the level of the riders that are entered in the class.

My wife would take pool noodles and make arches or barriers to walk through and under.

A trail can be defined or mapped with lunge lines, ground poles or jump standards.

Their aren’t any set rules. I prefer penalty points as opposed to timing. It is much more controlled and safer.

You should have certain tasks along the way such as walking, trotting and backing up in a designated area.

Another task is to place a riding crop on top of a post then have the rider pick it up and place it in a receptacle further along the trail.

As always keep safety firmly in mind. make sure helmets are worn and that the horses are capable of functioning these tasks.