Horses for Kids

Horses for Kids

Horses for Kids

If you’ve come to this post my intention is to talk to people who either have children or are thinking about getting involved with horses with someone.

By involved, I’m generally referring to supporting financially as that is required with horses. Just like any sport you join there is an expense.

Horses require a long-term commitment. You want to be sure that you know or at least are pretty sure where you are going.

It is an endeavor that, done right,  can keep you involved for a lifetime.

If you are able to, please keep your heart and pocketbook in two different areas. It’s important that you do not confuse them.

The first thing that you should to do is find a reputable farm. If you need some quality tips you can check out my book

Getting Started With Horses. 

Start off slow and begin with a series of 10 to 15 lessons to make sure this is something you will stick with. You also want to be comfortable with the place you are riding at.

Getting horses for kids is something you want to think long and hard about. Are horses good for kids?

Horses for Kids

Horses for Kids

I have personally seen the magic that happens when this activity is pursued.

I enjoy sharing this quote by Ronald Reagan,

“Nothing is better for the inside of a child then the outside of a horse.”

Horses for kids is not for everyone so don’t force anything you will later regret. I personally witnessed people jumping in too fast and hard and then finding out committing the time and expense becomes a burden.

It always breaks my heart when I see this happen because the people usually just walk away and never get involved with horses again. The horse that they were involved with will suffer also.


 I hope you have enjoyed this content, if so please leave a comment below.  And if you’re ready to buy from Amazon click through my site. The money raised will support rescue horses.  Thank you Alan Deacon

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