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Comfortably and safely dressed to ride!

There are two main types of riding pants when it comes to horses, breeches and jodphurs.

Being around horses and riding them is a pleasure. When you get on a horse there is no seat belt, steering wheel or guarantee that he won’t be in a bad mood. You’re not just going to put key in their ignition and always know what to expect.

In the wild, horses are prey animals. The instinct for flight is hardwired into them. I have witnessed horses spook and shy away from all kinds of objects.

Although you can not prepare for every circumstance you should provide as much safety to yourself as possible. When you’re working around machinery you don’t want to have loose fitting or baggy clothing. This is true with horseback riding also.

The most important thing when shopping for riding apparel is fit and comfort.


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Wearing shorts or jeans with the seam on the inside of your leg is very uncomfortable and can quickly lead to pinched skin.

I started off riding in jeans and in a short while I had purchased some breeches.

The leather of the knee patches helped to protect my legs and also allowed me to hold on to the saddle, thus making me much more secure. Leather (usually suede or faux suede) on the seat and/or legs provides security.

The name jodhpurs started in India hundreds of years ago.

Other than today’s newer fabrics, these riding pants haven’t changed for years and years.

womens jodphurs

These well made women’s jodphurs are nicely flared to be worn over boots.

The reason for this is simple, the material must be snug in the lower leg so you can remain continually in contact with your horse and the seat needs to be flexible to allow you to move freely.

You will find several styles of jodhpurs. I have seen the front zip, pull ons, zipper on the side, full seat and knee patch and I’m sure there’s others I haven’t mentioned.

Children, in particular, tend towards jodphurs. Jodphurs are meant to be worn with paddock (short) boots. These TuffRider Kid’s Cotton Schooler Jods can be purchased at Amazon. They’re perfect for schooling.

Thus, they are a bit longer than breeches and often sport a cuff at the bottom. They are meant to be worn oustide (over the top of) your boots.

The comfortable Woman’s Kentucky Jodphurs offer a flattering, tailored fit and widely flared bottom to easily lie over your boots.

When schooling, or riding for pleasure, there are lots of different colors and designs of jodphurs to choose from.

However, if you are going to use your riding pants for shows, you will want to get the color appropriate to your discipline.

Generally, with English riding, the riding pants for shows are a buff, light tan or light olive color.

Horseback riding apparel needs to fit properly to be safe. These aren’t the type of clothes that you would want your child to “grow into.”

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