Lead Horse with Bridle

Learning to lead horse with bridle is not a lot different than leading them with thier  lead line.

Learning this isn’t real copllicated. There are several things to know before you begin.

Let’s keep you and your horse safe!!!

Stand next to him with your right hand holding on to the bridle close to his chin.  Keep in mind that he does have a bit in his mouth.

Although this hardware technically doesn’t interfere or cause them any discomfort, you want to proceed carefully.  The rest of the bridles reigns will be held by your left hand.

It’s imperative that you do not let anything drag on the ground or allow their front legs to get tangled up in the reins.

Almost every lesson horse knows what the next process will be.  They understand they are going to go to the riding ring and show you how to begin riding.

Stay observant, and aware, no matter what the  conditions are.  I’ve seen horses spook at debris blowing around in the wind. They also can spook at their own shadow.

At this point you can gently cluck and begin walking in the direction that you are going. Don’t forget to have your helmet on.

Even though the horse is tacked up and ready to begin teaching, anything can happen and usually does. Having a helmet on will give you some security

As you walk forward be very observant and make sure there is nothing in the way that you are going.

At this stage of the game your destination is the mounting block. Once you have arrived you can begin the process of mounting up.


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