Learn About Horses: Getting Your Horse From Its Stall

It’s very important to learn about horses if you want to own or ride one! When you come to our barn you are not going to find a horse that is already groomed and tacked up, get on the horse, take a lesson, dismount and go home.

At my farm we believe that you should learn about horses by learning total horse care. I take pride in the fact that students who come to our barn are capable of checking the chalkboard to see who they are going to ride in their lesson and then getting the horse from the stall, grooming and tacking up.

This is also a wonderful way to spend some time, make friends with, and bond with your horse.

I will go over the process of taking your horse out of his home, a.k.a. the stall, in this post, but I implore you to also learn from your instructor. Make sure you know what the barn that you are riding at expects of you and that you are sure of what you are doing.

I have witnessed too many times a beginner going around the barn doing a lot more than they are capable of.  You don’t want to be that person, it’s okay to be confident but you should relax, pay attention and learn.

Once you show up for your lesson and you determine who you are going to ride, go visit them. Cheerfully greet them and let them know that you are about to take them out to do a lesson.

Introduce yourself and spend a little time talking to them before you enter their stall. It’s important for you to understand, and to let the horse know, that you do not consider them a machine that you can insert a key into and put them in gear, while you just sit there and drive around.

Becoming a true horse-person requires that you learn about horses. At your lesson barn this involves the instructor, and sometimes the more advanced students will help mentor you.

Enter the horses’ stall and visit with your horse. Make sure nothing seems out of place and you feel comfortable. Now it’s time to halter your horse.

You begin by standing on the left of the horse, facing forward at your horses’ head.

Hold the halter in your right hand, facing the way it will slip over your horses’ head. Use your left hand to help guide the noseband onto the horses’ nose and slide the top over the ears. Then fasten the halter.

Attach your leadline to the ring at the bottom of the noseband. Now you are ready to lead the horse from the stall!

Before you begin to lead him or her out, make sure nothing is hanging off the horse. Also make sure the stall door is open all the way. You don’t want your horse to injure you, or himself.

When leading the horse make sure that you hold the leadline  with two hands. Your right hand under the halter to guide your horse, and the extra line coiled in your left hand so none of it is dragging on the ground.

Think good thoughts, make sure the aisle is clear and lead him out to where you want to groom and tack up. Now it’s time to get ready to ride and continue to learn about horses!

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