My Book – Starting With Horses

Do YOU want to Know the Best Way to Begin Riding Horses Without Being Taught Wrong or Ripped Off?

More Moms and Dads are seeking real information  from a reliable source as to how and where to begin nurturing your or your child’s horse obsession.

horsemanshipHave you ever searched for a riding stable for yourself, your daughter or your son?

Unfortunately, in the past there has never been a complete directory.

Today we can easily go online and search Google for horse stables close by.  In the past, when you wanted to find a place to ride you would do one or more of the following…

  •   Ask a neighbor or someone else you might know where they would recommend.
  •   Drive around looking for stables and approach them to see if they teach lessons.
  •   Open up a phone book and start calling places that are listed there.
  •   Sign up for lessons and spend money that hopefully you won’t have wasted.

But not anymore!  You have come across a book that was written by somebody with 25 years of riding stable experience.  What I am going to share with you comes from years of talking to moms, dads and folks just like you. I’ve got answers for all the questions you may have.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

We currently have over 45 horses at our stable and our program does around 60 lessons a week.  We also have a very active summer camp, do pony parties and numerous other horsestarting with horses book related activities.

I don’t consider myself an expert on nutrition or riding horses, that is my wife’s domain.

But, one thing I am good at is talking to people. Being on the farm all day puts me in front of numerous people just like you.

Over the years I get asked the same questions again and again. That is why I decided  to write this book.

In today’s world we have a wide variety of information at our fingertips.  When you come to a website you can’t always be sure what is true or false.

That’s why I am offering this resource for you. You will be learning from someone who doesn’t have any ulterior motives.

Yes, it’s true I want to make a sale, but I’m not looking to take advantage of you in any way.

I want to provide you with information that has taken me years to accumulate.

What Will You Learn In My Book “Starting With Horses” ?

You will learn about the many benefits of horses, including…

  •   The happiness they can bring; you’ll leave after hours of grooming and riding feeling satisfied and happy.
  •   As working with horses is a partnership you will learn teamwork.
  •   Responsibility is gained through taking care of a horse.
  •   ”Horsing around” is a healthy activity that involves plenty of good exercise.
  •    It is an activity you can pursue as a lifetime hobby.
  •    Horse shows teach life skills such as how to win, lose and take pride in your accomplishments.
  •    Working with horses teaches focus and how to control your emotions.
  •    Time with horses can be an excellent family bonding time.
  •    You can see yourself or your child set and attain goals.
  •    A stable provides a different type of social opportunity with like-minded people.
  •    Once your child has a horse in her life she won’t have room for boys until she’s off to college!


You need to download “Starting With Horses” right now – so that you can immediately take steps to prevent the pitfalls of starting off with horses on the wrong foot!starting with horses

Don’t wait until you or your child gets hurt due to either learning poor horse handling, or poor horse handling skills on the part of a trainer or barn worker!

You only have one body. It is your responsibility to become educated about what to look for in a good quality, safety conscious stable.

You can download “Starting With Horses” right now to your computer and read it instantly! For a one-time fee of $7.95, you’ll be protecting your body by making a better choice in where to go for learning safe horse handling and correct riding skills.

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Right now you may be about to start off on the “wrong foot”. Things may not take a toll right away, but over time, learning poor horsemanship and riding may not only be detrimental to your horse, but also can be downright dangerous for BOTH of you!


P.S.  Download today and you get my brand new book, “Starting With Horses” – which will enlighten you about the dangers you could be facing – and how you can choose wisely today!

P.P.S.  Every day people make uniformed, and often poor, choices for themselves or their children by not being aware of how to choose a reputable stable or program. Start off safely and correctly – now!

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