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Why Riding Breeches?

riding breeches

Everyone is nicely dressed in their polos, tall boots and riding breeches

Riding breeches are one of the items that help keep you safe in the saddle.

As I have explained in my post about jodhpurs, horses do not come equipped with a lot of safety equipment like seat belts, brakes etc. In fact, you should know that it can be one of the most dangerous sports to participate in.

Your riding breeches, or jodphurs, are an important part of your safety equipment.

Breeches are designed to help make you as safe as possible on a horse. They also provide comfort and fashion. Choosing the correct riding pants will go a long way to help you with your future horse riding experience.

You will have a variety of choices while shopping for breeches. One of the main choices you will be faced with is whether you want full seat or knee patch breeches.

My wife favors full seat breeches because they make her feel more “sticky” in the saddle. She likes the “grip” she gets with them.

How you use your legs, and the contact that you have with your horse are part of how you learn to control and stay on your horse.

Full seat breeches help make you feel more secure in the saddle, while also giving you more contact with it. This helps improve the communication you have with your horse.

Riding Breeches

Comfortable full seat breeches

Knee patch breeches are also designed to help keep your legs in place on the saddle, but either way, you don’t want to be constantly gripping with your knee!

Gripping with your knee brings your lower leg away from the saddle which makes you much less stable!

The Ovation Ladies’ Euro Tight Full Seat Pull-On Breeches come with extra features that will help you to feel more secure and comfortable during your ride.

These ladies riding breeches are made of super soft cotton/spandex rib fabric. They feature a comfortable pull-on fit, jean pockets styling in front, and Dry-Tex tube bottoms to keep you cool and dry.

They are also machine washable and rated 4-1/2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

girls riding breeches

These are sturdy and attractive breeches for young riders.

An affordable, comfortable and nice looking pair of knee patch breeches for girls are the Devon-Aire Girls All-Pro Riding Breeches.

These sturdily made riding pants are perfect for growing young riders who are tough on their clothes. They are built to last!

Synthetic micro-suede knee patches ensure a steady grip in the saddle. Gripper elastic ankles keep the leg secure in tall boots or paddock shoes.

There is no inside leg seam in these Girls All-Pro Riding Breeches to rub or chaff the legs. A plush elastic waistband provides a comfy and secure fit.

Riding breeches are available in many colors.  My background is in hunters, dressage, show jumping and eventing, so most of the breeches that I see are tan, beige, buff, olive, and occasionally white.

Each discipline has its own traditional colors.

I understand how confusing your choices may seem.  Talk to your trainer and see what other people are wearing before you make your final choice.

Just remember that the right equipment will help to keep you safe. It is an important decision to choose the best riding breeches for you!

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